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The BFC was founded in 2009 by Sabah Softwoods Bhd and Asian Forestry Company (Sabah) Sdn Bhd in collaboration with Boden and Associates Ltd.

Recognising that a successful and sustainble future for Borneo's timber industry resides ultimately in the productivity and quality of its plantations, the founding partners moved to establish a cooperative group and a set of principles under which companies could work together.

From an informal cooperative, the BFC has evolved into a Malaysian registered company, BFC Research and Development Sdn Bhd, with 5 members representing 150,000ha of plantations across Borneo.


The BFC's mission is threefold:

  • To develop high quality, productive germplasm for use in commercial planting programs of member companies and in doing so, to consider growth and vigour, pest and disease resistance and solid wood qualities.

  • To establish robust Standard Operating Procedures for forest management and treatments relevant to our growing conditions.

  • To develop knowledgeable, competent foresters within our companies who will form the foundation of the plantation industries future.

BFC Research and Development Sdn Bhd, 'BFC' for short, is a company registered in Malaysia and governed by an Executive Committee comprised of representatives from each of the member companies. A small Board of Directors serves only execute the administrative tasks of the company while supporting the intiatives and decisions of the Executive Committee.

Annual Executive Committee meetings are held to review research programs and finances of the company as well as to consider applications for new membership.

A Technical Committe comprised of researchers from all member companies also meets annualy for the formal research Review. Several, less formal, technical workshops and discussions are also held throughout the year .


All members of the BFC are required to comply with the following operating principals.


All members must be prepared to participate in most of the reseach programs. This would include the establishment of replicated trials and the sponsorship of off-site programs.


All members must be prepared to share data and results from trials established under the BFC. Combined analysis of replicated trials ensures robust and meaningful information can de derived.


The knowledge and experience of BFC members research teams will be vital to making sound plantation management decisions. BFC members must be prepared to invest in the growth of their R&D staff.


The BFC takes a 360 degree approach to plantation research with programs covering tree breeding, silviculture, pest and disease management and solid wood quality.


Sabah Softwoods Berhad

Asian Forestry Company (Sabah) Sdn Bhd

Gerak Saga Sdn Bhd

Sapulut Forest Development Sdn Bhd

Samling Reforestation (Bintulu) Sdn Bhd

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